Hanumatey Exports Pvt. Ltd.,

commitment to quality is unsurpassed in the industry. We are focused on product quality and safety in every aspect of our business. We work closely with our tea and packaging suppliers to ensure that all components meet your standards. Production is monitored with a fully trained quality control staff at all times.</span>

Hanumatey Exports Pvt. Ltd.,

buys packaging materials and ingredients from approved and qualified suppliers. Our Vendor Selection Program is based on quality, service, sustainability programs and ethical business practices.
Production Quality Assurance :

Hanumatey Exports Pvt. Ltd., manufacturing includes Best in class facilities with robust quality and food safety programs.

Each facility is staffed with a quality assurance supervisor and is responsible for the quality programs at each site.

Tea Tasting :

The blending of tea is both science and art. Our tea tasters have a combined 150 years experience in cupping and blending teas to exact specifications.

Hanumatey Exports Pvt. Ltd.,

has the best Blending unit in whole of North Bengal.

Every blend is tasted and critically evaluated for flavor quality and consistency before it is packed into tea bags.